Steps to style short hair with a scrunchie

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Short hairstyles are ideal for many people as long as they have a complementary form and the right type of hair. There is no description of what is a short coat, some have shaved heads and buses like short hairstyles while others suggest short hair falls from your ears to your chin. If you had…

Simple Steps To Sew A Hat

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sew a hat

Are you interested to sew your hat?? Don’t worry, this is simple. Here are some of the simple ways are given to sew a hat. You have to concentrate only three main parts of the hat. They are: Crown Sideband Brim Crown First, you have to choose the size of the hat. The crown size…

Is it possible to fix a stretched out waistband?

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Bought a skirt or pant with elastic waistband as they are looking good and in affordable pricing but you didn’t check the size then you feel bad. After buying the dress and while trying to wear and find that it is not fitting in your waist due to stretched elastic band. You were unable to…

Make your wedding more special wearing the wedding dress sewing by self

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wedding dress sewing by self

Wedding is the special occasion in the lifetime as it is a beginning of new start of two lives together. Giving importance to the arrangements of wedding should be equally given to the wedding dress as well. Because the wedding dress you wear will make you to look beautiful and pretty on the day of…

The best and unique gift for quilters

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Gift is the precious thing that we are presenting to others on a special occasion. Some may give gift for fun and some may think that it should be useful for them in that let’s have a look about best gifts for quilters. For quilters machine, the accessories are the mandatory thing for making the…

What is interfacing and the different types of interfacing in sewing?

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type of interfacing

Interfacing is a material which is used in the textile industry and this is used in the unseen side or the non visible side of the fabrics to make the garment look more rigid than the usual. There are different types of interfacing and it is used in many ways like, To make the body…

How to sew faster and efficiently?

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tips to sew faster

Sewing is a kind of crafting which is used to fasten the work and attaching the objects using the needle and the thread. It is one of the oldest arts if stitching which has arisen in the Palaeolithic era. There are many ways available to sew multiple items quickly. During past years sewing is done…