The best and unique gift for quilters

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Gift is the precious thing that we are presenting to others on a special occasion. Some may give gift for fun and some may think that it should be useful for them in that let’s have a look about best gifts for quilters. For quilters machine, the accessories are the mandatory thing for making the product.

Some of the useful and better gifts for quilters

  • Computerized quilting machines
  • Fabric estimating calculator
  • Mini iron
  • Quilters travel case
  • Quilters ruler
  • Rotary cutting set

These will be very useful for quilters, apart from this you can find many other gifts for quilters from that choose the right choice.

gift for quilters

Possible gift ideas for quilters

You can make plenty of gifts by using quilts. It can be done by handmade or through sewing machine. Let’s discuss about handmade gift ideas. Make a small cushion with patches if you don’t have time for sewing then choose this. For this you need only patch of clothes and pins. It will be very easy. You can decorate your room with little fabric house, this will be very simple and easy for quilters to do. For this you need the fabric, scissors, thread, stuffing material and some stitching accessories.

Applique work in woollen cushion, draw some simple thing by using paper and cut it on the fabrics which you are going to use in woollen cushion. These are the basic and simple gift ideas for quilters.

Quick and thoughtful sewing themed gifts

An Apple coaster is the simple sew gift idea and if you are new to sewing task, then you can finish this in a short time. This apple coaster can be used for coffee mat, also as wall hanging. Camera strap can be done by hand sewing and doing fabric dish towel it is very easy. Instead of getting towel from shop you can sew your own fabric towel by your choices.

Drawstring bags by hand sewing method is the another sewing themed gift. Patchwork is the common thing in that you can add your quilting work by sewing method. The combination will be outstanding.

Trying lovely DIY bow, if you have a plain bag for that you have make some attractive design then choose this. It is very easy that you can make it within one hour time. Apart from this there is lot of gift ideas and gifts related to quilters and sewing are available prefer the best.